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“Creating more functional, more peaceful individuals for a more functional, more peaceful world”
~ Guro Rick Faye


Filipino Martial Arts

Our Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) class is a blend of the weaponry (Kali) and empty hand (Panantukan) systems. You will learn how the stick, knife and palmstick informs the empty handed style of ‘dirty boxing’.

So why learn a weapon art? Through the guidance of our school’s founder – Guro Rick Faye – we believe the use of the Escrima stick, training knife and other tools offer a great way to fine tune motor skills, increase peripheral vision, and generally provide you with more options to defend against an attack with a weapon. Moreover, training with weapons can support your development in other martial arts, as you identify range, acquire better limb coordination, and enhance sensitivity.

What to expect

Learn and improve co-ordination and rhythm though the use of the stick and/or knife – skills which translate to empty hand concepts, where the same (or similar) motions and mechanics can be utilised to similar effect. Manipulating the body of your opponent and limb destruction are core parts of this amazing system.

Class times

These classes are on Tuesdays at 6:30pm, and Thursdays at 7pm.
Sticks and training knives will be supplied, but once you have tried a few sessions, we recommend you purchase your own training weapons (they’ll be less battered!).

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