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“Creating more functional, more peaceful individuals for a more functional, more peaceful world”
~ Guro Rick Faye


Muay Thai Kickboxing

Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand, and our most popular training class at MKG!

Through our parent school in the US, we have taken this highly effective ring art and devised drills that are fun, yet challenging – you will be confidently hitting pads and developing good reactions from the very first class. Unlike some kickboxing styles, we will help you utilise all 8 weapons of the body – fists (punches), elbows, feet (kicks), and knees – all performed through various drills, combinations and fitness workouts on handheld pads. This will get you in great shape, yet teach you how to defend against many types of attack.

Not only are these classes easy for the beginner student, they are hard enough for even the most seasoned of athletes. The “go at your own pace” structure of our classes means you make it as physically challenging as you want to – but you’ll soon appreciate this arts amazing body conditioning capabilities, and be going all out like the best of them!

What to expect

We utilise glove, focus mitt and Thai pad drills to explore the range of striking tools within the art – from long range kicks to short range elbows. Learn the nuances of this martial art through of a blend of technical skill with full impact workouts on the pads. We don’t train fighters – so don’t be concerned that you might limp home with bruises and broken bones – but you should expect a full body workout that gets the blood pumping!

Class times

These classes are held on Tuesdays at 7:30pm and Thursdays at 8pm. Beginner classes run in parallel to the regular class – so why wait? Sign up to a months trial and see how you like it.

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