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Our student curriculum covers 4 arts – Muay Thai, Jun Fan Gung Fu, Kali & Panantukan – over 5 levels, denoted by 5 belt colours. Grading is not mandatory, but we encourage you to explore this option – so you can test your skills and reward your dedication the arts you are studying.


Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

The grading process is a formal test – the duration depends on the level you are undertaking – where you will be expected to perform a number of techniques and drills by yourself and with a partner, which demonstrate your understanding. These are initially learnt in class, but should be practiced outside these training sessions (ideally with another student who can grade with you). You are expected to know the terminology and variations within specific drills from memory – we won’t demonstrate each technique prior to your performance!

Study aspects of the syllabus for each art during regular classes, or seek focused learning through private lessons with a Core Team member. Grading requirements for each level (what you need to know) can be provided on request.

Note that the grading content is also cumulative – for example, you should expect to be asked to perform Level 2 material when grading for Level 4, so ensure you maintain your knowledge by revisiting techniques in prior levels!

The actual marking process involves 100 points – you start with this figure and lose marks based on a lack of attitude, mis-understanding of a technique and/or poor movement, guard and fitness. The pass mark is 70 (Pass), with further increments of 80+ (Merit) and 90+ (Distinction).

Grading occurs every 6 months – initially at a cost of £30, but this increases at the higher levels (to accommodate longer test periods and administration involved). If belts are achieved, the cost of these are included in the grading fee. Dates, times and further details about grading can be found here on our website and Facebook page.

JKD Route

If you successfully achieve a pass or higher in 4 arts (of the same level), you automatically achieve ‘JKD’ status. Alternatively, instead of taking 4 separate tests, you can ‘fast track’ your progress by taking a dedicated ‘JKD’ test. These are longer tests, where you get to demonstrate a range of techniques across all our arts.

It takes 2 JKD tests to achieve the same level as 4 separate arts tests. Therefore, JKD belts are awarded in 2 increments – the base colour (for the first of the level tests) and a ‘striped’ version (for the second). Once you reach the top level (Black), there is no striped version – so there are potentially 9 belts to work through.

However you choose to grade, achieving a ‘JKD’ belt denotes your level of expertise in our curriculum, and your dedication in pursuing the full spectrum of martial arts within the MKG family.

Individual art gradings are £25 and JKD gradings are £35.

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